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World Movies approached Ink to revitalise and re-energise their brand, to add greater excitement to an already authentic and credible offering. It is time to better reflect that World Movies is a contemporary, independent, art-house channel. There is a need to reduce barriers for new audiences – broaden the appeal to younger audiences – beyond the channel’s existing, loyal viewers. At the same time, it is crucial not to alienate existing audiences, but to increase viewer retention and brand recognition.

To achieve these goals, Ink have designed a World Movies brand that references the Zoetrope of early motion innovation. The Zoetrope, or “wheel of life”, saw the birth of motion pictures. The brand look and feel, the echoed and staggered imagery, create a graphic interpretation of the device. The vertical windows of a Zoetrope are reinterpreted to reveal and transform scenes, to entice audiences into other worlds. Image sequences can be created from content, live action, or graphic animations. This gives the package great flexibility and room to evolve.

Retaining the World Movies brand blue, the distinctive mark is supported by a limited colour palette and a classic typeface. These were chosen to compliment and celebrate the premium channel content. The angles of the mark, colours and layouts all work together to create an intriguing, transformational channel package.




Research had identified the need to clarify World Movies viewing propositions and curated timeslots for audiences. In response, Ink developed a nomenclature system where naming or primary language is always literal and direct. This ensures that audiences can better understand an offering and easily navigate the channel. Clarity becomes particularly important in cross-promotions, when targeting new audiences. Secondary language is then used to inject emotion and playfulness into communications. It is here that World Movies can attract and entice with seductive, disruptive and intriguing language.

For example, World Movies curated timeslots now have literal names that are paired with bold and emotive straplines; WM Premiere be first WM Box Office be entertained WM Bollywood be dazzled WM Classics be captivated WM Documentary be fascinated WM Indie be original WM Adult be 18+ WM Action be thrilled World Movies be moved. This system creates an alternating tagline system to better reflect the channel conten