With 17 years experience delivering high-quality broadcast design for international clients, Ink has accumulated a quality team of artists and collaborators to deliver projects from planning through to integration and final delivery.
Edit, grade, design and visual effects.

2017 reel update coming soon.

Fire Starter VR

We devised Firestarter to accelerate our internal competency in VR film production. In this execution, we used a 90º film segment to create a 360º experience. The final result included set extensions for floor and ceiling.

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Foxtel Movies

Big stories require big canvases. Foxtel bring you the best movies from around the world, in all genres. Ink’s creative strategy and execution was simply to bring the genres to the forefront, thereby creating 7 bespoke brands with a strong Foxtel endorsement.

Body Hack Documentary Series | Essentail Media

Body Hack with Todd Sampson follows the style of his acclaimed science documentary series Redesign My Brain, with Sampson offering himself up as a human guinea pig to sample the lives of extraordinary people and glean lessons for modern life.

For Ink this was never just about cool graphics and visual effects, that was obviously part of it, but we essentially needed to create a distinctive brand and program package for Body Hack, featuring presenter Todd Sampson.

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Chris Hemsworth - Boxsets Foxtel

The Boxsets script called for multiple Chris Hemsworth(s) to be in the same space speaking to each other. Using a motion control rig, each performance was filmed separately and then integrated seamlessly into one sequence.


Sheepish Lion/Ink and Banjo collaborated to create an image spot for Australian Turf Club to promote this year’s Sydney Autumn Carnival.

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