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TEN'S Breakfast Show 'Wake up'

In 2010 during his tenure at 7 Adam Boland commissioned Brand & Design agency Ink Project to create a new brand identity and graphics package for Sunrise.

There’s little point in tampering with a winning partnership, so the pair came together again recently. Boland, now TEN’s Director of Morning Television and Ink can’t wait to reveal the graphics packages created for Wake Up and Studio 10.

Wake Up will be broadcast live, five days a week from a Manly surf club, unlike other rival breakfast shows, which are filmed in studios. When you’re aiming to be fun, informative and different from your rivals, presenting from a beach really helps.

Network TEN Morning Show opening title

TEN'S Morning Show 'Studio 10'

Titled ‘Studio 10’ the morning show, aiming to be smart, fun and engaging combines a live audience with a team of 5 panellists headed up by Ita Buttrose. The show’s Executive Producer Rob McKnight said of his experience working with Ink, “Their team are full of wonderful surprises.  Just when you think you know where a design is heading, they come up with something innovative that takes the whole project to a new level”.

I guess everyone will take a look when the shows launch on November 4 and make up their own minds about waking up to Wake Up. Until then we can give you a glimpse of the shows logos and no more.