Sony Entertainment Television
SONY SIX Rebrand

Brand, Broadcast, Post Production

SIX is a Premier Sports Entertainment channel that showcases Sports leagues from India and around the world. The brand aims to challenge current Industry conventions breaking new ground by offering both established and emerging sports for Indian youth. The brand is unconventional, innovative, robust, and energetic – Focusing on its mantra of “doing things a little differently and delighting viewers”.

Primary Audience:
15-34, predominantly Male (Sports lovers)

Our approach:
All our concepts challenged current conventions, injected a sense of youthfulness to Sony Six and broke new ground in Sports Entertainment branding. To capture the essence of Sports as Entertainment, we inject references and drama from; Film & Design, and fuse these with Sports. We’re building a popular sports entertainment destination for both established and emerging sports.

The core brand idea – Cube:
The Sony Six Cube is a dynamic, ever-changing, adaptive brand device. Cube delivers extreme flexibility, able to host any sport, any athlete and any arena. It provides a transforming, futuristic platform for the action to take place. Cube moves the viewer from one place to the next. As Cube rotates and transforms, we’re repeatedly delivered into a new sporting experience.
Cube gives the brand a functional, flexible device that ties all activity together. Fresh, new and own-able, Cube has been designed to allow the seamless integration of content with the logo resolve and aspects of the logo animation become an integral part of the channel packaging. The Sony Six logo has meaning and purpose.

Package Montage

On-Air Graphics

Design, Post Production – Ink

Production – Sheepish Lion / Director – Ken Lambert