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Sony Entertainment Television

Proud of heritage, yet living life to the fullest. Dancing, leaping and interacting with a cacophony of colour – the characters of Sparkle celebrate the smart, contemporary confidence of SET. Spontaneous, progressive and individual – the styling elements of Sparkle build a very strong toolkit of elements for SET to bring the brand to life, on air and off

SET stars are captured weightless against a dynamic backdrop of colour and sound. The sparkle frames encircle the human action creating a bold, fresh look for SET.

Liquid colours converge to make a distinctive and dynamic SET logo. The logo is alive with colour and attitude. It captures the energy of the key theme of Hope and Happiness, and reinforces SET as an entertainment brand.

SET senior EVP and business head Sneha Rajani said, “At Sony, we believe that this is the right time to infuse renewed vigour into the brand and reflect an identity which truly articulates our spirit… our new look will only strengthen engagement & connect with our audiences.”


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