SoHo Idents

Brand, Broadcast, Post Production

Our visual representation of human emotions through contrasting the 3 states of water; liquid, vapour (smoke) and solid (ice).

Filmed in extreme slow motion the visual complemented with strong audio design simply exudes Drama.
Sound is particularly important to this treatment. Working with our preferred sound design team, Groove Quantize we created soundscapes to accompany the visuals, which escalate the intensity of the emotion we want to evoke in the viewer; the same image can be made to feel light, or so very dark with the correct sound design.

SoHo is, and these idents are: Fresh, Dynamic, Appealing. Soho is, and these idents are: Confident enough to step back and let the content shine.

DRAMA (noun):
a) A story involving conflict or contrast.
b) Any situation or series of events having vivid, emotional, conflicting or striking interest.

SoHo water brand ident

SoHo vapour brand ident