TV1 General Entertainment Partnership
Sci Fi Rebrands to SF

Brand, Broadcast, Post Production

Marketing Objective
Since launch in 2006 the Sci Fi channel’s content has changed, embracing a broader offering including the paranormal, supernatural and psychological. Series such as ‘Medium’ have found a home on the channel, and more new content will be acquired that extends the content far beyond spaceships and ray-guns. It is already well known that the genre is misunderstood and the term Sci Fi is polarising and constraining. The channel recognised they needed a name that would broaden market appeal without alienating (excuse the pun!) the current loyal audience.

Creative Strategy
Sci Fi fans are highly familiar with SF as an accepted acronym for Science Fiction and they understand its broader meaning, whilst non-Sci Fi fans will not find SF polarising and will be openminded about what this channel may provide.
The SF rebrand is supported with a new tagline “we are sci fi” and a revolving set of “we are…“descriptors that have been developed to showcase the rich choice of content on the channel. e.g for Lost Girl “we are insatiable”. As an inclusive term, “we are…“reinforces the channel’s strong connection with their loyal fan base, whilst appealing strongly to potential viewers.

Strategy, Design, Post Production – Ink

Production – Sheepish Lion / Director – Ken Lambert

Music – Groove Quantize