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Australia’s only channel totally dedicated to home and property entertainment, LifeStyle Home brings together the best inspirational and informative ideas for every Australian home. Following the success of Ink Project’s branding for LifeStyle and LifeStyle You, XYZnetworks commissioned Ink to create Home’s brand identity, channel idents and channel packaging.

Home is many things so a flexible logo, that reflects this diversity, makes sense. Ink has created a ‘cut out’ logo that becomes the conduit, window or access point for inspiring and informative ideas. It bridges content and design. Always in a state of change, the logo reflects the variety of content genres; DIY, home improvement, renovation, property, design, decorating and gardening.

As LifeStyle Home is distinctly Australian, the brand look and feel needed to convey the channel’s attitude and energy. Aussie flavour is imparted by the use of direct language, bold typography and down-to-earth imagery and humour. Humour is created through sound and word play and the distinctive, syncopated rhythm of real world sound effects. The result is inspirational, delivering a sense of fun, exuberance and participation.

Channel Idents