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Australia for UNHCR, in partnership with Skype, have launched the innovative Here & There initiative to foster understanding between young people living very different lives.

In a real-time video cross, Australian students will work collaboratively with young refugees attending a high school built with Australian donations in the Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda. They will gain a unique insight into each other’s lives while exploring their shared interests in areas like music and sport. One Australian secondary school will be selected to participate in the first ever Here & There classroom connection in September 2011.

Here & There is designed to connect people whilst fostering creativity and collaboration. It’s been such an inspiration working with the dedicated Australia for UNHCR team.

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Naming, design and animation by Ink. Web developer – devotion digital.

Ink created a modern day fable to tell the story of Here & There. On opposite sides of the globe are Hatch & Tee. Two very different characters that both have a yearning to share their interests and passions with other like-minded beings.

Australia for UNHCR and Skype. Connecting refugees, students and classrooms around the world.
Here & There. Connecting schools to everywhere.

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