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The Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) approached Ink to produce a campaign and cinema ad that would attract new recruits to its cyber operations continuous recruitment program. Due to the specialist target audience and highly unique intelligence roles, this was not to be a typical government recruitment video.

DSD Cyber Operations are centred on protecting Australian government networks and critical infrastructure from sophisticated hacking of national security significance, a very separate role than that of agencies promoting cyber safety and security to the everyday user. Unlike standard Defence Force Recruiting, this video had to understand and speak to a very different target audience. The target audience are technically minded creative thinkers that can put themselves in the shoes of a hacker. Military language, themes and visuals do not necessarily fit well with this audience, rather, we took our cues from films like Tron, Matrix, and Inception.

This campaign has dual goals; increasing recruitment and also raising general brand awareness for DSD. Our intention was to create a piece that is on brand for DSD whilst also having broader, mass appeal.


Cosmos, synonymous with universe, is a greek term for an orderly, harmonious system. Common to all cosmologies is the attempt to understand the implicit order within the whole. Cosmos is the opposite of chaos. Ink’s Cosmos concept explores the complexity of ever-expanding matter in our Universe. This becomes an analogy for the exponential growth in data and cyber-crime that DSD has to navigate, understand and combat. The majestic scale of Cosmos is illustrated by a journey through exploding ‘stars’. The animation tells a story about the constant battle against increasing and evolving cyber threats.

In Cosmos, cyber space is the great frontier of our national defence.

Client Feedback

“Hi All,
I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know how absolutely awesome Cosmos looks!!!!
You guys have done an amazing job – the colours, the visuals, it all looks stunning.

Thank you so much for your hard work – it is spectacular!”

DSD Project Owner
Defence Signals Directorate
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