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Reconciliation Action Plan | Scentre Group

Ink helps bring to life Scentre Group’s vision for reconciliation. Its mission is to educate communities, to demonstrate respect for and work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to embed positive cultural change.

Ink was involved in a number of ways to bring this project to life. Our creative director, Ken Lambert liaised with artist Mark Fitzparick to create the masterful “Modern Corroboree”. Whilst Ink’s creative and design team worked directly with the Scentre Group’s RAP Council to bring the project to life.

“We are very proud to be part of such an amazing community minded project”.
Samantha Bleuel, Ink’s co-founder.

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What’s your Flavour? Diversity & Inclusion| Scentre Group

This 1 minute animation, launched on ‘Wear it Purple Day’ was created in conjunction with Scentre Group to celebrate Diversity and Inclusion within the workplace.

Written, designed, directed by Ink, this playful spot uses the metaphor of ice cream flavours to carry its message. It’s your special flavour, so bring it, show it off, it is what makes you extraordinary.

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SITA are the Australian leader in sustainable resource recovery management of waste. The company has been providing essential services to Australian’s for almost 50 years and as SITA has grown, so too has their focus on resource recovery management solutions.

Ink were commissioned to create a corporate video with a difference, one that can be used as an inspirational advertorial and a sales tool. The detailed 3D animation tells the story of the business, focussing on SITA’s essential understanding that the things we throw away are not “waste” but valuable resources.

SITA’s philosophy is to close the loop so the things we throw away today become useful again tomorrow.




Introducing the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s Brand bible. 92 pages of information delivered via typography, illustration and photography makes this brand guidelines document an enjoyable read. Using our proprietary planning process The Brand Solar System, Ink were able to resolve brand hierarchy issues within the group and simplify the explanation of brand category differences.

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Commsec commissioned Ink to create an assured brand identity for a newly created business – Core Equity Service. A service speaking directly to the world of brokers and financial advisors. The result was a contemporary brand identity for the wholesale business including; logo design, style guide, brochures, invitations, templates and more.

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