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CEO Peter Allen, explains the DNA symbol.

What came back from the agency was unexpected in that it was an artistic representation of our DNA.  It is a disc within which each of the strands of the DNA flows and envelopes a single, large circle which is intended to represent you.  As the central image in the symbol, the large circle is both supported by and supporting the strands of the DNA around it – this is meant to show that the DNA is intrinsic to each of us and at the same time, impacted by all of us in how we choose to behave.

Each strand of the DNA is populated with smaller circles and shapes, each one standing for a story or an example of the DNA in action.  The colour of the symbol is mainly various hues of red akin to our company colour here at Scentre Group.  Around the symbol are the names of the DNA.  They do not line up to any one strand in the symbol, but rather encase the image to keep it whole.

What I like about it is that it captures the richness and diversity of our company culture in one image.  I also like that it is a conversation starter – like any piece of art, people can’t help but have an opinion of it – and to me, that is more important because it means that each of you will take time out to discuss it and in doing so, talk about our DNA and what it means to us all.

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HR Explainer Videos

An ongoing series of 2-3 minute videos delivering important messaging and relevant information to employees in an entertaining yet informative way.

Internal Campaign - Mental Health

Red and black scribbles are utilised to represent a perplexed mind in Scentre Group’s support of Mental Health & Wellness. The campaign was rolled out in printed postcards and posters as well as accompanying an article on their intranet.

Culture: Diversity and Inclusion

This 1 minute animation, launched on ‘Wear it Purple Day’ was created in conjunction with Scentre Group to celebrate Diversity and Inclusion within the workplace.

Written, designed, directed by Ink, this playful spot uses the metaphor of ice cream flavours to carry its message. It’s your special flavour, so bring it, show it off, it is what makes you extraordinary.

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Artist consultation, design and production.

Ink helps bring to life Scentre Group’s vision for reconciliation. Its mission is to educate communities, to demonstrate respect for and work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to embed positive cultural change.

Ink was involved in a number of ways to bring this project to life. Our creative director, Ken Lambert liaised with artist Mark Fitzparick to create the masterful “Modern Corroboree”. Whilst Ink’s creative and design team worked directly with the Scentre Group’s RAP Council to bring the project to life.

“We are very proud to be part of such an amazing community minded project”.
Samantha Bleuel, Ink’s co-founder.

Case Study videos - Brandspace & Samsung

Brandspace, Scentre Group’s media and experience division required a case study showcasing a rich and integrated retail brand activation within Westfield shopping centres that was rolled out for Samsung.

Ink was engaged to create a 3 min film featuring their key demographics interacting with Samsung brand within the Westfield shopping centre environment. Script development, film production, editing and final online delivery.