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UKTV Brand spot

Devoted to bringing Australian and New Zealand fans of British TV a compelling mix of fan favourite and quality new drama, soap and comedy, UKTV is a destination channel with a confident and strongly differentiated British programme offering.

A fresh, contemporary brand proposition, creative execution and redesigned logo bring warmth, wit and accessibility while dialling up the uniqueness of the channel’s British offering and its BBC DNA. UKTV now has the personality to match the pedigree, with just the right hint of irreverence. The iconic Union Jack has been beautifully interpreted and incorporated in fun and unexpected ways.

Linda Deubel, BBC Worldwide Australasia’s Head of Marketing for Channels and Branded Services, said: “The brand proposition Great British Entertainment brought to you by the BBC is distinctly British and unequivocally BBC. The team at INK Project understood intrinsically how to bring our vision to life and we’re delighted with the results. UKTV’s refreshed identity will resonate with our loyal viewers and drive consideration of the channel with new audiences.”

UKTV Channel Packaging