Harbour ISP

Brand, Post Production

Following on from the Hi Brand and Net Lag launch projects, Ink has created Harbour ISP’s next campaign evolution.

There’s no point in ignoring the truth, the internet is dominated by cats. While the exact number isn’t known, cat food company Friskies claims as much as 15 percent of all Internet traffic is cat-related, making Cat content, online searches and viewing second only to porn. So when looking for a representative to inform the world at large that Harbour ISP are the best solution to Net Lag, it was obvious we needed one of these experts on attracting views.

For Harbour ISP it is essential that the message people take away is that they deliver better / faster internet by connecting them to the NBN (National Broadband Network). We needed to deliver the message in a friendly, fun way…that’s a key component of their brand personality, and as this is a brand awareness campaign as much as anything else it has to be memorable; so Catman was born.

Ink created  a complete rebrand for Harbour isp introducing a new friendlier logo and colour palette, conversational tone of voice, and a new campaign highlighting the 21 century phenomenon that is ‘Net Lag’. This campaign has been rolled out in areas about to be connected to the NBN.

Harbour ISP are a regionally based internet service provider in NSW Central West’s town of Mudgee. They are an NBN specialist, hooking their customers up to reliable hassle-free and super-fast internet. Proud of their good old fashioned country service, they put customers at number 1.