Target Sustainability

Ink is committed to operating in a manner that ensures available resources are managed in an environmentally sustainable way. We continually seek to improve our energy efficiency, office waste reduction and our impact on the environment.

Ink is proud to be involved in Marrickville Council’s Target Sustainability project. Under this initiative Ink has met, or exceeded, all targets set for our business in 2010.

Waste reduction
Reduction of waste going to landfill, in favour of recycling.
Target set – to reduce by 20%. Target met.

Carbon emissions
Reduction in carbon emissions and energy costs.
Target set – to reduce by 10%. Target met and exceeded.

Support for cultural and social programs.
Ink is committed to support cultural and social programs by donating computer equipment no longer required.

Ink Project have a strong commitment to achieving sustainable outcomes with all our client’s projects.
We prefer to use vegetable inks and post consumer waste papers.